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About Us

Technology Startups in South East Asia

SEA Ventures was set up to be a personal Incubator for technology startups in the frontier markets of South East Asia (SEA). Our business model combines elements of being an Incubator, Accelerator & Venture Capital partner for technology startups in the region.

We love technology and believe in the power of the Internet in solving real life problems and are committed to creating businesses that provide such solutions to our target markets.

Our focus is on technology and Internet startups in the emerging markets of the SEA region namely Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos .

We take founders through a risk mitigated procedural approach to ensuring all facets of a startup business are covered and achieved in rapid time.


What We Do


We build technology startups

At SEA Ventures we combine elements of a personal Incubator to validate and launch our own businesses operated by our own teams, that of an Business Incubator + Accelerator for assisting other entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality and that of a venture capital partner to expand existing validated business models.

Personal Incubator

SEA Ventures is a personal incubator – a platform where we evaluate ideas, dream up exciting projects, develop them, and nurture them into successful businesses. Our core team brings a variety of skills ranging from entrepreneurship, business, technology and venture capital. We are entrepreneurs at heart and believe in imagination, execution and creation.
Business Incubator

Business Incubator

As a Business Incubator, we work with outstanding entrepreneurs and provide them with the support they need to be successful. We are disciplined company builders and investors and combine our execution know-how with the right experts in the respective fields. We provide our entrepreneur partners with the continuous financial and operational support they need to be successful.
Accelerator and Venture Capital

Accelerator and Venture Capital

As Venture Capital partners to entrepreneurs, we leverage our network to raise the seed and subsequent round for each startup we collaborate with. We either participate in the funding rounds as investors or act as arranger of capital. If you have a validated business model among the Sectors and in the Markets we operate in, please do get in touch via contact form here.


Our target market is the emerging frontier economies of South East Asia. We are currently focused on translating our vision into successful businesses in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (CLV). Further territories are also explored on a case by case basis. The CLV economies represent the most attractive demographics in the South East Asian region and are at a tipping point in their economic progress. We endeavour to participate in this exciting process and make a contribution in developing world-class businesses originating from these markets. We aim to transfer proven business models to our target markets by adapting them to local habits, and developing proprietary solutions that meet customers’ needs and circumstances. We believe the Internet is going further and faster into daily life than erstwhile imagined. Our target is to capture the largest possible share of consumer online spending in our markets. We are targeting…


Potential Customers


Population < 30 y/o


Internet users


Mobile Connections


While we can be sector agnostic, our preference and focus is on online business models that satisfy basic consumer needs across the following verticals:


We focus on bringing power of the Internet to making travel bookings easy for our users while giving them the maximum choice possible. We endeavor to bring opportunities in the rapidly growing online travel and transport sector to our target markets in the SEA region.


Given the increasing consumerism in our target markets, traditional supply chains models are being dismantled and the consumers are taking to the Internet in transacting for goods and services. Using technology, we strive to bring the traditional physical transactions to the fingertips of our target customers.


The financial markets in our target markets are evolving constantly and our target users are increasingly imbibing technology to transact for the most basic of activities. We focus on financial technology startups that are creating new channels of engagement between banks and financial institutions and the customers.


Our e-commerce platforms are revamping the traditional modes of buying and selling prevalent in our markets by facilitating easier buyer-seller engagement and more transparent transactions.

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